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just give me 15 minutes

Sarah doesn’t like photos of herself.  It’s something I’ve heard before.  I’m actually a bit picky with photos of myself too.  I had wanted to photograph her because she’s a pretty subject, but when I found out she wasn’t big on being photographed it became a bit of a challenge.  Your subject doesn’t have to […]

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finding out my father died

Like a lot of kids my parents divorced when I was pretty young. My dad never really got over the whole thing, and his inability to accept the reality of the situation had a pretty big impact on how I knew and perceived him. Throughout the days he remained in San Diego (mostly just my […]

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The Expendables 2

I can’t believe I have not seen the first Expendables.  All throughout my childhood I dreamed of an allstar cast of cheesy action stars.  What boggles my mind is this promo graphic doesn’t have Chuck Norris or Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, yet they ARE IN IT.  I don’t even care what this movie is about, […]

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