Monthly Archives: July 2012

First Job Nostalgia

When I was 18 my mom finally forced me to break down and get a job. A high school acquaintance of mine worked at a 7-11 a few blocks from my house, and helped me get a job there sort of as her replacement. For a first job it really wasn’t the worst possible thing […]

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Moby – Destroyed

I’m not much for critical musical analysis. I love music. I have a pair of speakers that are closer to being my children than my actual… well… I dunno, I don’t have any kids. I however am not a fanatic about any particular band, or wild about seeing acts in concert. I do music on […]

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a dark night

Last night (or early this morning depending on how you think about these things) around 3am I was sitting in bed, propped up, marginally paying attention to the television when I landed on ABC news and their breaking coverage of a shooting that happened in Colorado. It was at a midnight screening of the Dark […]

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