Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Pacific

The Pacific is pretty amazing. I keep trying to be more descriptive in my descriptions… yet I’m drawing a blank when it comes to saying more about this series. If you can stomach watching it (it’s portrayal of the horrors of the Pacific theater of conflict in WWII are accurate and brutal) it tells an […]

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Cowles Mountain Summit

I swear people check their I.Q.s at the bottom of the hill when they do this hike. I can’t get over the people running full sprint up and down this hill. The footing is loose and there are lots of spots where their are no guardrails. You slip, trip, and then you fall hundreds of […]

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Snow White & the Huntsman | Transformers 3

We watched two movies tonight.  Up first- Snow White and the Huntsman was pretty to look at, but ultimately it wasn’t super riveting. It probably could have used another 30 minutes for character development. I can’t tell if I liked the lack of romance between Snow White, the prince, the Huntsman or if it bothered […]

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