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I love burritos and Ashley’s Burrito Face

There is something about Southern California Mexican food, specifically the taco shops that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Probably even Mexico. Sometimes I’ll bring this up in conversation with a friend from someplace other than San Diego or LA, and they will start telling me about how they have great Mexican food in […]

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One of the most frustrating things for me as a photographer are smiles. Actually let me rephrase that- one of the most frustrating things for me as a human are smiles. When I was growing up people would tell me to smile. I’d be in a good mood, but for whatever reason a person would […]

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Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol

I won’t say I hated this movie, but I wasn’t enthralled with it either. Like a lot of current action movies it relies way too heavily on special effects. Tom Cruise is also starting to look pretty hagard. It’s got a typical James Bondesque plot to thwart a nuclear terrorist. Not exactly breaking any new […]

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