Monthly Archives: December 2012

My thoughts on the Connecticut school killings.

Every time something happens like this in our country I have a mix of feelings about it. The first thing is that I of course feel the same mix of emotions everyone else feels about it, sadness, shock, disgust for the person that committed the act. But I also get angry at our reactions. For […]

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Camera Timeline

Since I recently began the journey of a major camera switch and upgrade I’ve been reflecting on the history of the cameras I’ve owned. Prior to digital I did have two 35mm film point and shoots, but I can’t remember the models. I definitely did not consider myself a photographer until maybe the Sony F717 […]

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Gear Arrives – Round One

Switching Camera platforms is a huge pain in the ass.  You can’t just sell all of the old stuff at once to fund the new stuff, you have to do it in stages.  Buy some new, sell some old, etc.  This was our first round buy.  Pretty excited about it, and luckily we were headed […]

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