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The Perfect Food

El Azteca Taco Shop in La Mesa makes the perfect carne asada burrito, and the carne asada burrito is in my opinion a perfect food. The ingredients are simple – marinated skirt steak, pico de gallo salsa, guacamole, and El Azteca’s brilliant addition- shredded cheddar cheese. All of this wrapped up in a large flour […]

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Kelsie Taylor

Flickr isn’t what it used to be. That being said I still use it, and there is a great Flickr group for wedding photographers that is still extremely active, and that’s where I met Kelsie. There aren’t really many people from the group in San Diego, but I posted there about our first San Diego […]

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it’s in the hands

I want to love the Fuji X100, and it’s true it has things about it that I really love. But I have had it for awhile now and I still don’t feel really comfortable with it. The controls aren’t intuitive to my fingers and I’m not hitting my focus and what I want to with […]

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