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Mission Trails

Photography around solar noon sucks, so these aren’t exactly ideal. But I took a walk through part of Mission Trails today and basically took note of a few spots I think would be neat for upcoming photo shoots. I have a Livejournal friend visiting in late February who is really stunning and I’m looking forward […]

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I fucking love photographing people. And when I am not under the gun to follow a wedding timeline it is immensely more enjoyable. I think I need to figure out how to make portraiture a bigger part of my business. Anyways after my last wedding (which went OK) I was feeling a little off my […]

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Don’t Call me Paparazzi

I probably have more pet peeves than the average person. I guess I’ll put that out there as the disclaimer. Taking it easy about certain subjects have never really been in my genetic makeup. One of my biggest pet peeves I have happens almost every wedding. Someone invariably makes an offhand comment that having photographers […]

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