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a dark night

Last night (or early this morning depending on how you think about these things) around 3am I was sitting in bed, propped up, marginally paying attention to the television when I landed on ABC news and their breaking coverage of a shooting that happened in Colorado. It was at a midnight screening of the Dark […]

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I hate dogs + 1 more rant

Before I get to the dogs I want to begin with a slightly more minor rant, which is when people take a shitty photo (well, not necessarily always a shitty photo, but a photo nonetheless) that is unattributed to the original photographer, and put a quote or some lame semblance of philosophical statement directly on […]

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Today we headed up to Carlsbad to meet our buddy mate Marc for lunch halfway between San Clemente and San Diego. He wanted to meet at this taco shop. Curious to see if it was well reviewed I stumbled upon this review from a moron on Yelp. For the record not all vegans are like […]

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