Instagram changes TOS – human race continues to regress closer to neanderthal intelligence levels

Humanity. Yesterday Instagram announce some proposed TOS change that goes into effect in January. The jist of it is something along the lines of businesses being able to potentially use your images for some sort of advertisement. People are up in arms about it. Even as a professional photographer, someone who copyright is a concern to I find the whole thing pretty ridiculous. This is Instagram’s official response. Bottomline is it’s a free service, they can dictate whatever terms they want. If you don’t like it your choice is to leave, but I highly doubt the impact of the departing will be noticeable. I did a screen capture of some of the HILARIOUS comments from people complaining about Instagram on their Facebook page (anyone else see the irony?).

This is just a small snippet from the comment thread that goes on until the end of time. My personal favorite is from the guy who says, “I’ve had to delete my account – i joined it so i could take some pictures of my baby girl..i deleted my account because i don’t want some pervy office exec somewhere perving over them” Assuming he’s talking about his girlfriend and not his daughter, it’s so presumptuous that I barely know where to start. Why would some business pay money to purchase rights from Instagram to use photos of this girl unless they somehow could directly benefit? Argh why am I even trying to rationalize this? Moving on…

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