Ali’s birthday party

As a side note to these photos – I am loving having a small camera again. The Olympus OM-D EM-5 has been such a fantastic purchase for me. While I’ve always been the sort to drag a camera everywhere, it feels so much more fluid to have a small camera to gatherings like this rather than the full DSLR which is honestly a bit distracting for people who don’t know me that well. Of course it has created another camera arms race to acquire a few more lenses (Melissa finds these things troubling). I am replacing the 14mm Panasonic lens I had with a 12mm Olympus (same model I rented for my NYC trip and loved). After that I really only have one more void to fill – the long end. Olympus makes a 45mm f/1.8 (90mm equivalent). That lens is actually fairly affordable, and once I have that I’ll have a 24-50-90 range equivalent which is pretty much perfect.

Anyhow I took a few shots here and there at Ali’s birthday party a few days ago. I wrote about her more in depth on my personal Facebook as I tend to do about all things after 11pm at night. I’ll just post the photos here.


Alison birthday 01
Alison birthday 02
Alison birthday 03
Alison birthday 04
Alison birthday 05
Alison birthday 06
Alison birthday 07
Alison birthday 08
Alison birthday 09
Alison birthday 10
Alison birthday 11
Alison birthday 12
Alison birthday 13
Alison birthday 14
Alison birthday 15


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Today is our Cherieneversary. One year to this day we got an email from a sassy five foot Canadian makeup artist who had just moved here from Vancouver. She was looking to network and good makeup artists are like gold to photographers. Over the course of the months that followed I discovered that not only is Cheriene a talented make up artist, she’s also a fantastic stylist. Through collaborations with her I have taken the sort of photographs that before her I just imagined taking.

Cheriene has also quickly become one of our most beloved friends. To attempt to describe someone with so much personality in just another few sentences or paragraphs isn’t something I have enough skill to do as a writer. I would probably end up going off on some hilarious tangent and leaving my audience confused, which incidentally happens to us quite a bit when talking to Cheriene. She is beautiful, talented, funny, stylish, and smart. Melissa and I both love her, and hope we never have to give her back to Canada.

Unfortunately we’re on the road today, so we can’t celebrate the Cherieneversary in person, but I felt like someone so important needed a tribute blog post in honor of her awesomeness.

Cheriene Galley Makeup 01
Cheriene Galley Makeup 02
Cheriene Galley Makeup 03
Cheriene Galley Makeup 04
Cheriene Galley Makeup 05
Cheriene Galley Makeup 06
Cheriene Galley Makeup 07

and now for some of Cheriene’s work…

Cheriene Galley Makeup 08
Cheriene Galley Makeup 09
Cheriene Galley Makeup 10
Cheriene Galley Makeup 11
Cheriene Galley Makeup 12
Cheriene Galley Makeup 13
Cheriene Galley Makeup 14
Cheriene Galley Makeup 15
Cheriene Galley Makeup 16
Cheriene Galley Makeup 17

Christine Budimir - She is an amazing lady

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NYC Adventure Part IIII

NYC Continuum Photography 21
NYC Continuum Photography 22
NYC Continuum Photography 23
NYC Continuum Photography 24
NYC Continuum Photography 25
NYC Continuum Photography 26
NYC Continuum Photography 27
NYC Continuum Photography 28

As a side note all of the photos shot from this NYC Adventure series were done on the Olympus OM-D EM-5. I rented the 12mm Olympus f/2 prime, and I think the bulk of the photos were done on that lens. Given the small size this camera has a lot of capability to it. At the end of the day it would have been nice if all of images had the same IQ as the 5DMKIII, but I don’t regret having opted for the OM-D. So many of the shots utilized the small innocuous form factor, as well as the optional tilted screen for live view made some of candid shots on the subway possible. Also the EM-5’s in camera image stabilization is responsible for being able to achieve a lot of the motion blurred photos all while remaining hand held at low ISOs. The biggest negative to this camera is the LCD screen sucks, and you do miss out on some depth of field due to the small sensor size. All in all as a street camera it’s pretty much perfect. I wouldn’t have minded having a longer lens than the Panasonic/Leica 25mm (50mm full frame equivalent), but for NYC wide is the way to go for most of the time.

Emily Pogozelski - Excellent series! And I was wondering about the camera– I’d actually come to the conclusion that you must be using a “big one”, so I think the OM-D did a bangup job. (Well, technically you did.) You guys managed to cram more into a few days than most people do in a few weeks! We should take a group trip sometime, that’s how Steve and I like to travel.

Blair King - So awesome Josh, thanks for sharing your trip! You hit all the hot spots for sure! Hope you had a great time,

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