Ali’s birthday party

As a side note to these photos – I am loving having a small camera again. The Olympus OM-D EM-5 has been such a fantastic purchase for me. While I’ve always been the sort to drag a camera everywhere, it feels so much more fluid to have a small camera to gatherings like this rather than the full DSLR which is honestly a bit distracting for people who don’t know me that well. Of course it has created another camera arms race to acquire a few more lenses (Melissa finds these things troubling). I am replacing the 14mm Panasonic lens I had with a 12mm Olympus (same model I rented for my NYC trip and loved). After that I really only have one more void to fill – the long end. Olympus makes a 45mm f/1.8 (90mm equivalent). That lens is actually fairly affordable, and once I have that I’ll have a 24-50-90 range equivalent which is pretty much perfect.

Anyhow I took a few shots here and there at Ali’s birthday party a few days ago. I wrote about her more in depth on my personal Facebook as I tend to do about all things after 11pm at night. I’ll just post the photos here.


Alison birthday 01
Alison birthday 02
Alison birthday 03
Alison birthday 04
Alison birthday 05
Alison birthday 06
Alison birthday 07
Alison birthday 08
Alison birthday 09
Alison birthday 10
Alison birthday 11
Alison birthday 12
Alison birthday 13
Alison birthday 14
Alison birthday 15


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