Andy Stenz San Diego Tour

Not going to lie, I don’t have a ton of guy friends. I was raised by a single mom and I’ve been around great women my whole life. I’m also one of those sensitive artistic types. I don’t like sports, don’t drink beer, and happen to think that women can do anything men can do. I second shoot weddings sometimes which is a bit of a role reversal for me because I’m usually responsible for sticking with the bride and her (typically) all female crew. When I do the second shooting role I am responsible more for the guys, and I’m always shocked how absolutely beyond “typically male” some males go. The few male friends I do relate to happen to be some of the most genuine men on the planet. When the doors close and they are free to bash women and make bigoted comments – they don’t. Because they aren’t like that. Now this may be an odd way to begin a blog post about a friend’s visit to San Diego, but it’s appropriate for the conversations we shared later in the evening about people and the sort of behavior we see as wedding photographers.

In addition to being a master photographer, Andy Stenz is just a master human being. All around genuinely cool and talented. Most of the time I don’t feel much pride in being male, but if guys were all like Andy I might be inclined to be more prideful.

andy stenz master photographer 01
andy stenz master photographer 02
andy stenz master photographer 03
andy stenz master photographer 04
andy stenz master photographer 05
andy stenz master photographer 06
andy stenz master photographer 07

Jessica Stenz - I love it!! And, reading about you, I can see why the two of you would totally get along. 🙂

Andy Stenz - Honored by your words and your friendship. And excited that you got a shot of the death star tip jar (I was going to ask if you saw it but I figured you had – but I didn’t see you take a photo of it!)

Looking forward to another trip out there!

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