Cowles Mountain Hike

One of the major life changes Melissa and I have implemented since moving to San Diego is to be in better health. We started in early March and between now and then I’ve lost 20lbs. I’m by no means in any sort of shape though, and I’ve got another 10lbs. to go before I’ll be at the weight I want. Lately it’s been harder to make any progress. Although it’s mostly my fault. For every good thing I do, such as a relatively hard hike I reward myself with a burrito. Obviously that needs to end. I literally put a pound of carne asada into my body tonight. Sure tasted good though. I’ve never been very outdoorsy, or much into anything exercise related. But ever since getting the Fuji X100 knowing that I can easily bring a camera with me on this hikes without weighing me down has made me a bigger fan. Today we hiked up to the top of Cowles Mountain, which is I guess the highest place in the county. It’s not the steepest hike in the world, but I was proud that we got up it our first try considering how non-athletic we are. What I didn’t like about it was it’s not really a pretty terrain (sorry, Torrey Pines is way nicer to look at), and the people there were annoying. You’ve got all of these idiots running up and down it nearly knocking you over every time, and the idiots bringing their dogs with them not on leashes. I rant more about that in a second.

Here’s your view of El Cajon.  I have the jail marked.

Here are some of the assholes who had dogs not on leashes.  I do not want your dog approaching me, or sniffing me, no matter how “friendly” you claim it is.  Also the amount of dog shit left in plastic bags littered all around the trail was nasty. America’s dog obsession is one of my life’s biggest pet peeves.

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