Cowles Mountain Summit

I swear people check their I.Q.s at the bottom of the hill when they do this hike. I can’t get over the people running full sprint up and down this hill. The footing is loose and there are lots of spots where their are no guardrails. You slip, trip, and then you fall hundreds of feet or go rolling down the side of the rocks. Ultimately if people want to play daredevil I don’t really care, it’s when they almost collide with Melissa or myself that I want to push them off the mountain myself.

And as I mentioned in a previous Cowles post, the dog owners are ridiculous. I saw a couple of big dogs with no leashes. On Cowles you’ve got rattlesnakes, other big dogs, kids… any number of bad things could happen to these unleased dogs or people around them. It’s so F’n irresponsible.

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