Garage Roof Portraits | Megan

We got Megan for the day before the BAPR kicked off, so of course we needed to photograph her. I took her up on the garage roof to test out a variety of gear. A Photek Sunbuster, a huge ass reflector, but most importantly I got to borrow Lisa’s D810 for a few shots. The autofocus murders the 5DMKIII. So plans are in the works to go back to Nikon. Anyways that’s content for another day.

Megan. What can I say? Every time I see her I feel more and more that this would be what having a little sister would be like. She’s a complicated muffin, and I worry about her. So glad she’s in my life.

Hair & makeup up by Cheriene.

garage roof portraits 01
garage roof portraits 02
garage roof portraits 03
garage roof portraits 04
garage roof portraits 05
garage roof portraits 06
garage roof portraits 07

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