I get Ali to model for me again and this time I take her to the back of a Walmart loading dock at night

I love photography. I know I ought to, after all I am staking my future on that love. Sure lots of photographers will say stuff like that, but some days I just get overwhelmed with how amazing photos can be, how much fun they are, and how huge they can be in the lives of people. I keep thinking about my first conversation with Ali about photographing her, where she told me that is was “woefully camera shy.” She told me she felt very plain. Plain. Now I know that most people are hesitant to be in front of the camera, especially for a professional. After all if a professional takes your photo and you don’t like how you look it’s super depressing. After that, what hope is there? Right?

Ali is not plain. Just look at her. Plain is the last word I’d use to describe her. The power of photography really struck me last night when we had Ali willing to drop even more of her guard down for me – this time behind a dark loading dock at an east county Walmart. With Melissa and my friend Luis (another photographer whom she had just met), she was trusting us to do all sorts of weird lighting experiments in the middle of the night. Lighting experiments take time and patience, and they don’t always work out. I’m not sure where I’m going with all of this other than to say that I’m grateful that I get to do this. Photography has afforded me an outlet to express myself through a really unique art form, and I’m able to connect with people along the way which I’m not sure you really can with other arts. At least not like this.

In conclusion there are ugly loading docks behind businesses all over the world that are just waiting for beautiful moments.

Ali - Josh, you picked the BEST ones. It was so fun to watch you play with the flashes, prisms, and… well, I won’t give away all your secrets 😉 Thank you so much!!

Luis Godinez - Awesome things happen behind walmart. I love that the security guard was so chill too. 🙂

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