I love burritos and Ashley’s Burrito Face

There is something about Southern California Mexican food, specifically the taco shops that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. Probably even Mexico. Sometimes I’ll bring this up in conversation with a friend from someplace other than San Diego or LA, and they will start telling me about how they have great Mexican food in their city. You can’t fault them, they really do not understand or know any better. Chicago had it the worst. There is literally no good Mexican food in Chicago. I’m sorry, it just doesn’t exist. Lots of great Mexican people, but they are all immigrants from the mysterious non-cooking part of Mexico. And really if you are comparing Los Angeles to San Diego, San Diego wins. I’m not sure if San Diego is really America’s most beautiful city as it claims, but it has America’s best taco shops. They are usually titled with some derivative of the proper name, Roberto. Pretty much anything will pass as long as it has the “berto” attached to it. Alberto’s, Aliberto’s, Jimberto’s….

Most people in this neck of the woods have a “go to” taco shop dish. Mine is either the bean and cheese burrito, or the carne asada burrito. Lately I’ve taken to torturing my friend Ashley with photos of burritos. Ashley loves burritos, she actually named her dog Burrito. That’s serious. Today I sent her a shot of a burrito I took from the other day.

This is was her response:

Burrito torture will continue until she visits again.

Ashley - im never sending you a photo ever again. 🙂

Josh - But you have a great angry burrito face!

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