Lost Images of the California Coast

Okay so lost sounds a little more dramatic than it actually is. The truth of it is we had a day driving down the California coast last August that was filled with amazing sights that for the most part we were seeing at the wrong time of day for optimal photography. So I had lots of photos of the day that I was fairly disappointed with. I ended up editing a couple and then just said “meh,” and put it on the backburner. I revisited the catalog today and picked a few more out of it that I liked. My biggest regret is the image of the Lone Cypress tree near Monterey. We visited it at about high solar noon, the worst possible time of the day you can photograph anything in direct sunlight. We do have a wedding in Monterey later this year, so hopefully I’ll be able to go back to really get the image of it that I want.

Em Pogo - Awesome! We just decided on Monday that we’re going to take a day to drive from San Fran to LA in a couple of weeks when we’re out there. Can’t wait!

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