Memorial Day

Unbeknownst to me, today was Memorial Day. Or yesterday rather… Not only do I have a hard time keeping track of holidays, but I have a hard time keeping track of days since my awake time almost always spans two days. Anyways I had plans on the books to hang out with my friends Brett and Liz, and it turned out the day we picked was Memorial Day so we ended up going over there for a BBQ hang out sort of thing.

Brett is big into cars.  Big ones, little remote control ones.  They do not feel so great when they run into your foot.  I had wanted to see if the Fuji was capable of a more epic action shot than this, but I don’t think I’m adept enough with it yet to pull it off.

Liz is somewhat photo resistant.  It makes me want to photograph her more.  I’m probably annoying.

Not the best hiding tactic.

Some chicken thing with buffalo sauce that Brett was eating.  I don’t like stuff with vinegar bases so I tend to avoid the buffalo sauce junk.

The Fuji gives decent results in its’ macro mode.  The only downside to it is that you’re forced to use the EVF which is slow.

Liz trying to hide behind her brownie mix.

Brett engineering the seasoning for my turkey burgers.

I’m fairly picky about everything in life, and I’m not a fan of meat off a bone.  Too fatty.  Hence the turkey burgers.

Post sunset roof view.  I was going to go up there for the actual sunset but I forgot.

Liz attack.

Brett at 6400 ISO f/2.  The Fuji isn’t as good at high ISOs as my Nikons (which I’m actually happy about), but it’s usable if you don’t blow it up too large.  AF focusing is another matter, this shot had an iPhone assist.

A bunch of small dogs.  I’m not into dogs.  These ones left me alone for the most part which was nice.

No thanks.

Meaghan and Alan.

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