Reno gets rinsed off

These photos actually happened the first night of BAPR. I have brought the ABR800 Ring Flash with me to WPPI a couple of times now, and this was the first time I had actually used it. There is a special relationship with Reno and flags to me, it was an image of her on her Instagram of her holding up a flag which originally compelled me to contact her. The image by Jack Millen (you can find it in here) really struck a chord with me. It is graceful, and has a certain feeling of angsty American youth thrown in. It made me want to know her.

Sometimes I think people wonder a little why I like to shoot the same people over and over again. With Reno I feel like I have just scratched the surface of her amazingness.

ABR800 tub shoot 01
ABR800 tub shoot 02
ABR800 tub shoot 03
ABR800 tub shoot 04

Nikki came in at the end to help faux drown her. That’s one way to clean a dusty model.

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