Sarah in San Diego

Just give me 15 minutes.

Easter 2012. I had met Sarah prior to that day, but I’d never really spoken with her at length until then. I forget how it all came about, but she revealed that she hated having her photo taken. That statement considering how pretty she is – is especially tragic to a photographer. I asked her for 15 minutes of her time, not knowing if I could pull off just one photo of her that she would like. As I recall I had just photographed Rachel, who became my advocate in the 15 minute plea. Sarah begrudgingly agreed and we went out in the backyard to find some natural light and a suitable background. The end result – Sarah had a photo of herself that she liked, and it’s been her profile photo ever since. We became friends.

15 minutes is not enough. After the one brief opportunity to photograph her I’d been asking Sarah for more time the next time she was in town to visit. Finally got my wish.

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