Some random updates

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated this thing. April turned out to be a much busier month than I anticipated. Here are some
random shots from the past few weeks.


This is my spaz friend Julie. She’s one of those people that you think would be super photogenic, but she freaks out anytime a camera is pointed at her. Doubly odd that she’s a photographer herself. Anyhow she managed to sit still long enough for me to get this shot off in the black interior of this lousy bar we go to after our photography networking meetings.


Took this shot from the top of Cowles Mountain. I really have a love/mostly hate relationship with that hike. It’s short and challenging, but loaded with people. Now that I have a small camera again I’ve taken it up a couple of times. However sunsets kind of bore me and there isn’t really much else up there I haven’t photographed.


This is Cheriene styling our model Jenny on a recent collaboration that we did that I’m pretty proud of. Cheriene has helped me realize a lot of my very vague ideas and I feel like I’ve gotten some of my best work as a result of her influence.


Our last shoot took so long and involved so much travel that Cheriene spent the night, and the next day we took her for breakfast burritos at Mario’s. She gets so excited.


Cutting it super close on my passport update. If it arrives no later than it says it will I’ll be fine, but I should have gotten that update off sooner. This is the shot I used. Trying my best to look like a good tourist.

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