The Flamingo Las Vegas Street Shoot

One of the best lessons I learned from this latest WPPI trip was to just get out and shoot. In fact next year I’m going to make it my mission to do twice as many organized shoots as I did this time around. It was actually Joni’s idea to get out on the strip and attempt to do something at night in front of the Flamingo. Now most places on the strip don’t afford you enough room to really get far enough away from your subject that you can shoot them at a reasonable focal length, but the Flamingo did have a good little spot for photography. And as sketchy as the strip is at night, we definitely were not hassled in the hour or more we spent there being weird with our prism and video lights. Which incidentally is how the majority of the shots were lit, except for the magenta gelled hair light we had set up on the $70 Yongnuo flash I had brought with.

Cole - Cool stuff Josh! Rad ambient lighting and you lit the photos awesomely. Is that a word?? ehh who cares.


svals - These turned out so cool! It was so much fun:) Awesome job!!!

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