Tijuana Adventure

The last time I can remember actually being in Tijuana longer than just driving through to get to the border was years ago. I was 18 and for some very odd reason I let my friends convince me to go with them to a night club. Not only did I not care about dancing, I’ve been totally sober all my life and being around drunks to this day is decidedly not my thing. I remember the experience being torturous, but I equated it very little with actually being in Mexico but the general atmosphere of any club scene. Then life happened and I moved away. A lot of drug cartel stuff went down and Tijuana seemed a bit scary.

So since moving back I had been wanting to go and check it out. We went down specifically this time on a mission to find some items for the Badass Photo Retreat with our Spanish speaking friends Ali and Carlos. Carlos actually used to live in Tijuana so he was the perfect guide. I actually didn’t really take all that many photos – but visually Tijuana is an endless potential subject to me. I definitely need to go back for the intent purpose of just taking photos someday very soon.

tijuana adventure 01
tijuana adventure 02
tijuana adventure 03
tijuana adventure 04
tijuana adventure 05
tijuana adventure 06
tijuana adventure 07
tijuana adventure 08
tijuana adventure 09
tijuana adventure 10
tijuana adventure 11
tijuana adventure 12
tijuana adventure 13
tijuana adventure 14
tijuana adventure 15
tijuana adventure 16
tijuana adventure 17
tijuana adventure 18

Cole Joseph Humphus - Sweet shots dude! Always love your everyday/street work

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