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Dear San Diego Hikers

Here are a few things I hate about you: When you walk 15 paces behind your big mutant dog.  Your big mutant dog’s leash is folded up neatly in your hand, and your dogs trots up to anything it wants to.  Maybe it’s friendly? Maybe it’s not?  Maybe I don’t want to find out?  Maybe […]

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Cowles Mountain Summit

I swear people check their I.Q.s at the bottom of the hill when they do this hike. I can’t get over the people running full sprint up and down this hill. The footing is loose and there are lots of spots where their are no guardrails. You slip, trip, and then you fall hundreds of […]

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Cowles Mountain Hike

One of the major life changes Melissa and I have implemented since moving to San Diego is to be in better health. We started in early March and between now and then I’ve lost 20lbs. I’m by no means in any sort of shape though, and I’ve got another 10lbs. to go before I’ll be […]

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