I’ve admittedly been neglecting this blog. We recently revamped Continuum Photography with a new look and a new blog, so I’ve had my attention focused there. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with 80% – if I should keep it or focus my efforts on the other blog. I’ve got too many blogs I guess. I suppose it will just be something I’ll need to ponder.

Lately for some reason unknown to myself I started watching the Real World Portland. Not only do I not miss Portland at all, but these are some of the most awful people ever to hit reality TV. It’s sad that the original season didn’t dictate the path of the show. Back then the people on it weren’t just about gaining notoriety for being abominable sociopaths. Yeah I’m talking about you Nia Moore. I could say more on it, but there was actually a very accurate article written about her here. I’m not sure how much of her persona is an act to gain publicity, but if it is all an act it’s pretty much on par with dressing up as Hitler for Halloween. And if not, she’s pure evil. Either way this is a person to avoid in life.

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