The Dark Knight Rises

So I finally saw the Dark Knight Rises. Visually you can’t complain about any of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, they are excellent- the mood, sets, and action sequences are all extremely well done and impressive. I like Christian Bale as Batman. I liked the two previous movies. I saw this new one in IMAX and I’ve got to say it’s a movie that I would have been just as happy seeing on Bluray for the first time, because at least I would have been able to turn the damn subtitles on. I’m not really into the character of Bane in the first place, but I like him a lot less in this movie because I cannot understand what the fuck he is saying half of the time. It’s seriously, seriously annoying. Even more annoying is that I did a little research, and in test screenings a lot of people complained about the audio issue and it was ignored. Second part of this movie that I don’t like is the whole Batman getting his ass handed to him for two hours straight. Gets a bit old. And finally… Robin? Did we really need to go there? No amount of variations that DC spun on that character could ever make him cool. I’m not saying I hated the Dark Knight Rises, but I didn’t love it either- and after what happened in Colorado I really wanted to.

Art by Gabe Draws

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